Our Story

Reggae, Hip Hop, Vinyl, streetwear, Tattoos, Graffiti, Cannabis , StreetFood, Skateboard, Streetculture.

These are the things that were done and talked about on the street, and these are the topics and products that you will find on this store.

Today, sociality has been locked up inside smartphones and the streets, squares and benches are empty.

Bizzarri wanted to bring back the contents from the street, interview the protagonists giving the possibility to the artists of the urban world to be part of a large marketplace; distributing their merch, their creations, musical or streetwear field.

The BIZZARRI STORE is the place where you can discover the latest trends in the urban world, buy the merch of your favorite artists, read the experiences of those who live the street every day or have been a protagonist.

Creating a simple online store was too easy, we wanted to build a store where BIZZARRI’s passions can finally meet and interact.

Imagine being in one of those 90s vinyl shops, where you walked in and you could compare yourself with other customers, buy the merch of your favorite artist … Time stopped when you listened to the adventures of older kids and always came up with a story to tell.

BIZZARRI STORE The first marketplace for streetculture.