Lion D x Capleton x Bizzarri “Warning”

30 Jul , 2021 News

Lion D x Capleton x Bizzarri “Warning”

The new single from July the 2nd on all digital platforms .

Lion D, the Italian reggae singer of Nigerian origins, after another year of absence from live concerts due to the pandemic, is preparing to release a new studio album with his band, the Livity Band.

To announce his return he decided to use a very special single from the album that features the collaboration of one of the legends of Jamaican music, as well as the undisputed idol and source of inspiration for Lion D himself, “Mr. Fyahman”, the “Prophet”, Capleton.

The title of the song “Warning”, explains it all: Lion D is back, with his songs and his messages. In the chorus Lion
shouts at Capleton saying “Fyahman a burn”, recalling the concept of fire, which for those unfamiliar with this genre, means rebirth. Lion wants to warn everyone that he is ready to “burn” again. Nobody can stop him now!

The production is by Bizzarri, the backing track is played by the Livity Band, the mixing is by “Daddario Casillo” and the master by Pizzetto “Guadalupi”. It is published by the label Senza Dubbi and distributed by Believe Digital.


Produced by Bizzarri
Played by The Livity Band
Drums by Matteo “Mammolo” Mammoliti
Bass by Agu Marson
Guitars by Ermanno Fabbri
Keyboards by Daniele Di Marco and Giovanni Pastorino
Horns by “Jeeba” and Zaghi
Nayabinghi drums by “U Carbon Congo”
Mixed by “Daddario” Casillo at Cambusa Wave Studio
Master by Francesco “Pizzetto” Guadalupi
Distribution by Believe Digital
Published by Senza Dubbi



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